About Båthuset

Båthuset was created and first operated by Mikael and Inger Hansson after seeing a need for a familiar and inviting restaurant in the Stockholm archipelago. Mikael, who had a prior passion for concrete pontoons, used this idea to create Båthuset. 
From 1996 until May 2017, the restaurant was run by Lars Kempe & Torbjörn Ullberg who made Båthuset Krog & Bar to Sigtuna’s friendly and inviting local restaurant.

In 2017 we took over and enjoy creating and serving delicious dishes, focusing on quality and sustainability. With its 42 seats in the dining room, a fireplace, bar and open kitchen, it’s a cozy, floating restaurant.

With outdoor dining during summer months, Båthuset offers even more guests room to share the experience.

Welcome to Båthuset!
Emil, Kalle & Karl